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Crash Landing On You debut: Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin’s new tvN K-Drama debuts favorably

Crash Landing On You
Son Ye-Jin, Hyun Bin, Seo Ji-Hye, and Kim Jung Hyun fill out the main cast for Crash Landing On You. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Earlier this week, the Total Variety Network (tvN) — the Korean television network well-known for their excellent K-dramas such as Designated Survivor: 60 Days and Melting Me Softy — debuted their newest series, Crash Landing On You (사랑의 불시착).

Also known as Emergency Love Landing, Love’s Crash Landing, and Crash Landing of Love, the K-drama starring Son Ye-Jin, Hyun Bin, Seo Ji-Hye, and Kim Jung-Hyun aims to enthrall viewers with a love story that goes beyond the divide of North and South Korea.

Fortunately, Crash Landing On You has debuted favorably among its viewers. However, North Korean military forces found Son Ye-Jin’s character — and not the ones who are trying to get her back home to South Korea. Ergo, what will now happen to Ye-Jin’s character now that she’s “already been caught?”

A love story set amongst a divided nation

Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) is a wealthy entrepreneur who becomes the next in line to take over her father’s company after proving she can be successful on her own. During a paragliding accident, she finds herself in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

Ri Jung-Hyuk (Hyun Bin) is a skilled North Korean commission officer who eventually finds Yoon Se-Ri. Through discussion and understanding of the situation, Jung-Hyuk, and his platoon attempt to protect and hide Se-Ri as they make plans to get her back home in South Korea.

There is just one problem in the plan — Ri Jung-Hyuk and Yoon Se-Ri fall in love.


The first episode established the characters and set up the plot for the remainder of the series. It is the second episode in which the series starts to pick up. We learn how Yoon Se-Ri was able to “escape” the North Korean platoon and dodge the observant eyes of North Korean soldiers on the border.

It is quite admirable to show that North Korean soldiers are also “human.” Some of the soldiers drink alcohol to celebrate their last day on patrol, watching South Korean K-dramas — Special Note: The K-drama the soldier was watching was Stairway To Heaven — the soldiers also get emotional over letters from their mom.

We also get to see Yoon Se-Ri adjust to North Korean life which means living well within her means, power outages, and security checks.

Unfortunately, it is during one of the patrols that soldiers find her in Ri Jung-Hyuk’s home. Before they execute her, Jung-Hyuk shows up at the knick of time.

We don’t know what happens next, but given the prior scene enforcing how marriage and fidelity are highly important in North Korea, Jung-Hyuk may announce that Se-Ri is his wife.

Strong start domestically and internationally

Crash Landing On You had a strong debut in South Korea and among international audiences. According to AGB Nielsen Korea, the first episode started with a 6.074 percent viewership rating in the nation and a 6.558 percent viewership rating in Seoul.

There was a decent increase for the second episode at 6.845 percent for the nation and 7.841 percent for Seoul.

As for international viewership, it was received favorably among those who watched it on Netflix. However, it may have been overshadowed by the fact Netflix was able to earn exclusive viewing rights for a lot of K-dramas previously only on DramaFever.

These shows include Cinderella and the Four Knights, which is trending at this moment.

As more viewers pick up Crash Landing On You, it is sure to pick up in popularity. The new K-drama airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST on tvN. The series expects to run for 16 episodes.

International viewers, specifically those in the Americas, can view Crash Landing On You exclusively on Netflix. Take note that a subscription to the streaming site is necessary to watch the K-drama.

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