Byul makes surprise special guest appearance on Running Man, HaHa is surprised and happy his wife appears on Korean variety show

Haha and Byul
Haha and Byul were on a recent episode of Running Man. Pic credit: K-Wave

For more than 16 years, Kim Go-eun — better known by her stage moniker Byul — has been a mainstay in Korean music.

Even though she is technically not a K-pop idol, her powerful ballads have touched the hearts and minds of many fans. As a result, she has become just as important as any other K-pop idol in the Korean music industry when it comes to the Hallyu movement.

Given the fact Byul is a Korean celebrity, her appearance as a special guest on variety shows is expected. What is peculiar, though, is the lack of appearances alongside her husband Ha Dong-hoon, better known as Haha.

Well, that changed on the latest episodes of Running Man. Byul was a special guest and the best part of it was that Haha did not know she was participating until the very end.

Byul made her appearance on Running Man during their end-of-the-year special on Sunday, December 16, 2018 KST. In this episode, the main cast was divided up into two teams, one led by Song Ji-hyo and the other by Lee Si-young.

Ji-hyo’s team had the “impossible task” of serving 100 servings of potato dough soup. Luckily for them, they were given a special guest to help them: Byul. As for Haha, he was on Si-young’s team.

Byul on Running Man Pt1
Byul was the special guest on Running Man. She helped Song Ji-hyo’s team make 100 servings of potato dough soup. Pic credit: SBS

Of course Byul added her own take on comedy as Running Man is known for having many segments guaranteed to cause a belly laugh. During the prep phases of serving, Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook argued if ground coffee or beer should be added to the boiling water for the pork. Byul eventually decided that her team should use both. In short, if the uppers in the coffee don’t get you the downers in the beer will.

Husband and wife come face-to-face

Haha and Byul participated in their respective teams with the former not knowing he was competing against his wife. The time would eventually come when they came face-to-face.

On the second part of the special, Song Ji-hyo’s team arrived to the meet-up dorm first. They were waiting for Lee Si-young’s team to arrive. Eventually, they did and Haha was the first one through the door. The interaction that happened between them is what Hallyu news sites are calling what happens in a “real marriage”.

As shown in the video clip above, Haha froze in his tracks surprised to see Byul sitting before him. While she was waving back at her husband, she made a remark on why she should be there with him.

“I’m a celebrity. I can appear on ‘Running Man’ too.”

After he got over his initial response, Haha went to his wife to give her a hug. Throughout the rest of the show, Haha and Byul told little tidbits about their marriage, much to the delight of the rest of the Running Man cast (and quite possibly to Haha’s disdain up to a point).

One example includes how the room they rented out for their honeymoon had a single cockroach in it. Haha could not kill it and was afraid for the rest of the night. Another example was on how Haha got scared knocking over a stack of plastic cups. Byul would then retort how Haha, “embarrasses her everyday.”

Ultimately, this two-part episode was a fun yet sweet episode worth watching. It did not go over-the-top in trying to be big (like the Dubai episodes) yet it was surely one of the better episodes.

Running Man airs on Sundays at 6:25 p.m. KST as part of the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Good Sunday program. For international viewers, it is available to watch pending region on Rakuten Viki for Viki Pass Standard subscribers.

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