Katie Findlay: Half the internet thinks my Man Seeking Woman character will die

Katie Findlay in Man Seeking Woman
Katie as Lucy in Man Seeking Woman, which may have a wedding despite the reaction of Josh’s mum

Katie Findlay says half the internet thinks her character in Season 3 of FX’s Man Seeking Woman is going to DIE before the season’s out.

Findlay, who has been killed off a lot in her previous work, plays main character Josh Greenberg’s (Jay Baruchel) girlfriend Lucy as the pair prepare to get married.

She told the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour: “The internet is really excited, and half of them think I’m going to die anyway.”

Findlay also described her role as “a beautiful gift as an actor”. She added: “It took me a day to realize the freedom I was given.”

Creator Simon Rich said Lucy was a “dynamic character with real flaws”. He added: “We wanted to examine an adult relationship all the way through to the wedding day.”

Rich and Findlay were joined at the TCA tour by executive producers Andrew Singer and Jonathan Krisel, along with stars Baruchel, Eric Andre, and Britt Lower.

Man Seeking Woman, already in its third season, is based on Rich’s own short stories and follows the life of Josh navigating the dating world in Chicago.

This season he’s getting married, but how does best friend Mike Scaggs, played by Eric André, process this change?

And how will Josh keep up his serious relationship with Lucy, his intended? This season promises to be as brilliant as the previous two.

Season 3 of Man Seeking Woman airs Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on FXX.

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