Kathleen Turner guest-starred on Mom last night and it was ridiculously amazing

Kathleen Turner guest-starred on Mom.
The comedic talents of Kathleen Turner and Kristen Johnson was a hit with Mom fans. Pic credit: CBS/Sonja Flemmin

Kathleen Turner guest-starred on Mom last night. She and her stint on the CBS show were ridiculously amazing! Viewers were treated to a hysterical performance from the cherished actress, who has become quite the staple for bit appearances on TV.

The Hollywood icon stopped by Mom to play Cookie, the long-lost relative of Tammy (‎Kristen Johnston) with an ulterior motive.

Cookie needed a kidney and turned to her niece Tammy, who she abandoned as a child. Tammy grew up in foster care and struggled with giving her absentee aunt a kidney.

Adding Kathleen to the already talented cast of funny women on Mom has fans’ seal of approval. Twitter was abuzz with comments expressing the pure bliss it was to see Kathleen and Kristen’s comedic talents together onscreen.

It was brilliant casting.

Their characters meshed together perfectly from the second that Cookie and Tammy met. Although the story took a serious turn at one point, the two actresses managed to play it with ease.

They did not go too dark and kept the comedy to a minimum when necessary.

Kathleen has a knack for playing characters that are a little eccentric. It is quality not many can do while adding depth to a role and not making the person too out there.

She manages to add a uniqueness to characters that march to the beat of their own drum.

The episode of Mom was a massive hit with viewers. Social media is already flooded with fans asking for the CBS show to keep Cookie and Kathleen around.

Yes, Tammy said she wants nothing to do with her aunt, making the story feel like it finished. There are ways to turn Tammy’s choice into an intriguing storyline.

Whatever the powers that be at Mom need to do to keep Kathleen involved in the show is fine with fans.

Mom airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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