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Kandyce and Brynesha restrained in huge fight on Bad Girls Club finale

Brynesha has to be restrained as she flips out on the season finale of Bad Girls Club
Brynesha has to be restrained as she flips out on the season finale of Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club Season 16 ends with some seriously low blows tonight as Kandyce Hogan and Brynesha Seegers have the ultimate cat-fight — with both women having to be restrained by security guards.

Footage shows the pair yelling at each other, screaming from one room to another with two burly guards blocking their paths to each other.

And Kandyce leaves the other girls stunned when she brings Brynesha’s twin daughters into it calling one of them “ugly” and saying: “You got f***ing twin gorillas bitch, bye!”

The other girls tell Kancyce to “leave the babies out of it” but Brynesha flips out big style at that point, screaming wildly with limbs flailing as the security guards hold her back. She tells Kandyce: “I’m going to beat your ass.”

Stephanie Tejada says of Kandyce’s remark: “I think it’s really rude. I think it’s really low to talk about anybody’s kids, and I think Brynesha is not going to be able to forget that.”

Kabrina Nashaye adds: “I don’t necessarily agree with everything Kandyce is saying. It was all low blows.” She adds: “Somebody has got to go.”

The episode sees one of the women decide to leave the house after the heated confrontation. But who will it be?

Watch the Bad Girls Club Season 16 finale tonight at 8/7c on Oxygen.

Julian Cheatle

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