Kaitlyn Herman: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Kaitlyn Herman on Big Brother 20
Katlyn Herman in the Big Brother 20 official cast photo — Pic credit: CBS

Kaitlyn Herman was chosen to compete on Season 20 of Big Brother. She is one of the more interesting women chosen for the game.

It appears as though she is one of the people who like crystals and essential oils. Kaitlyn Herman isn’t the only one who has mentioned crystals in their interviews, which has piqued the interest of some fans.

She is a life coach, which also has fans wondering a little bit about her. Kaitlyn Herman is 24 and appears to be doing well in her vocation. Life coaching can mean different things to different people, which could be something that helps her in the game.

Pep talks are Kaitlyn’s thing, so if she can psych herself up enough, there may be a chance she could at least make it to the jury house, if not further. Herman appears to be self-aware, something some of the other women didn’t seem to be.

As far as whether or not she is a superfan, Kaitlyn Herman chose Victor Arroyo as her favorite player. While he is a good player, there have been several more memorable ones she could have chosen.

Keep your eye on Kaitlyn Herman as she moves through Big Brother, she may just have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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