Kaitlyn Herman drops the N-word while celebrating with a Drake song after HoH win

Kaitlyn Herman is in the hot seat this week on Big Brother 20
Kaitlyn managed to win HoH then anger viewers with her use of the N-word on Big Brother 20

Kaitlyn Herman has a lot going on right now. She just became the second Big Brother 20 HoH but that’s not why she’s making headlines. Instead, it’s because Kaitlyn’s name can be added to the list of BB20 houseguests who have said something really offensive since entering the house.

Just days after Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler were warned about their conversation on skin color where they discussed a dark belly as “ghetto” and talked about changing ethnicities by way of a tan, Kaitlyn managed to accidentally get herself in trouble.

It all went down on Big Brother 20 after the first live eviction and HoH competition. Kaitlyn was busy celebrating her HoH win and decided to do it with a Drake song.

“I did got zero to 100 n***a, real quick,” Kaitlyn rhymed before realizing that she just dropped the N-bomb on the live feeds.

She must have known that was a no-go because, after the N-word slip, Kaitlyn said “Oops!” before going back to her song and quietly singing the rest of it.

In a previous statement, Big Brother producers made it clear that racist and offensive language won’t be shown on CBS. That means don’t expect Kaitlyn’s N-word slip to make it to prime time but it did happen and a lot of viewers are upset that the BB20 cast keeps saying things that are racially insensitive at the very least.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c. 

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