Kaitlyn from Big Brother 20 has a boyfriend? Here’s what we know

Kaitlyn Herman as HoH on Big Brother 20
Kaitlyn Herman hasn’t said anything about her boyfriend in the BB20 house

There’s a photo of Kaitlyn Herman and her boyfriend sitting in her HoH room but even that hasn’t stopped her from trying to get close to more than one of the men in the BB20 house. In a house where most of her Big Brother 20 cast is single and ready to mingle, Kaitlyn has jumped right into the mix and jeopardized a major relationship on the outside.

Prior to winning HoH, Kaitlyn ended up flipping the first live eviction vote when she secretly sided with Tyler and voted out Steve instead of Sam. She switched sides after watching her BB20 crush Faysal start to get cozy with Haleigh instead of her.

Kaitlyn’s jealousy was so obvious that viewers could feel it at home. It was actually pretty surprising when she opted to put Scottie and Winston on the block instead of her new blonde nemesis.

Faysal buddied back up with Kaitlyn after her HoH win, giving her exactly what she wanted. The pair continued flirty and have been seen hiding under the blankets on the Big Brother 20 live feeds more than once.

It’s not entirely clear what is going on under there but some BB20 live feed viewers have reported that Kaitlyn already told Faysal that she’s interested in sex. Not only that, but she’s been hitting on Tyler pretty shamelessly too.

It turns out that Kaitlyn’s boyfriend, or very likely her ex-boyfriend, is named Joseph and he’s a musician. From the time Big Brother 20 released their cast until the end of June, he was clearly Kaitlyn’s number one fan.


Joseph posted a lot in an effort to support Kaitlyn on the show but all of that stopped abruptly. Clearly, he is watching the feeds.

There have been reports that Joseph has dumped Kaitlyn and it’s worth noting that he has not officially made that claim. He has made it clear though, that he has requested to pull back the release he signed with CBS.

Joseph did seemingly verify the break up though when he acknowledged that a tweet sent out yesterday about the supposed break up was, in fact, his sister.


She has urged anyone who is upset with Kaitlyn from BB20 to stop bothering her brother. Instead, she hopes Big Brother fans will support him by streaming his music and sharing his posts. That seems fair enough.

It’s not clear yet if Kaitlyn knows that Joseph has decided to pull back his show release or if she’s still totally in the dark. In past seasons, the new Head of Household would show off their HoH room and often would get letters from their loved ones but this season has been skipping all of that.

Now on to the bigger question — who will Kaitlyn hook up with first? Tyler or Faysal?

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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