K. Michelle flips out over restaurant delays on My Life

K. Michelle looks around her new restaurant on My Life
K. Michelle looks around her new restaurant on My Life — and she isn’t happy!

K. Michelle: loses the plot on her VH-1 show My Life this week, over delays to her new restaurant Puff & Petals in Atlanta.

She then lays down the law to business partner Shema and her bestie, makeup artist Jonathan, about the lack of progress — and the fact some of the workmanship is shoddy.

And K doesn’t want people thinking she’s broke if she has to push back the date of the restaurant’s opening again.

She says: “When I see people with businesses and they’ve been sitting there a while, guess what I think? Oh, that bitch ran out of money! And I’m not really to push my date again so this place better open…quickly.”

When she first sets her eyes on the interior, she seems pleased. But it quickly becomes evident that there is still masses of work to be done.

I’m really concerned about what’s not here. We don’t have lights, the toilets are missing — they’re items keeping us from making money.

She also takes issue with the floors, saying she didn’t approve them, along with the “flower wall” which she thinks looks too fake and like “cemetery flowers”. She says: “I see these, and I think death!”

She also takes issue with the fact some of the furniture already has holes in it, adding: “And nobody’s even sat in them yet!”

K says: “The more I look, the more pissed I’m getting because as someone who spent $300,000 already, I require the best of everything.”

And she smells something fishy with Nicole’s absence. K says: “Nicole ain’t around, the day I return…something ain’t right.”

K. Michelle: My Life airs Mondays at 9.30/8.30c on VH-1.

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