Justin Long joins The Conners as Neil, Darlene’s new boyfriend

Justin Long now stars on The Conners as Darlene's boyfriend Neil
Justin Long now stars on The Conners as Darlene’s boyfriend Neil. Pic credit: NBC

Justin Long has joined The Conners as Darlene’s new boyfriend. Long made his debut on the latest episode, as Darlene goes out to La Casita Bonita to have a few drinks after seeing David and finding out he is still with Blue. This is despite Darlene and David sleeping together during the last season of Roseanne.

As a reminder, David is played by Johnny Galecki, in the role that he originally started playing during the first run of Roseanne. Blue is played by Juliette Lewis, who is also making her first appearance on the show. Movie fans will recognize Lewis from films like Christmas Vacation and Natural Born Killers.

Justin Long as Neil on The Conners

While out at the restaurant, Darlene meets Neil, who is quite forward. It leads to Darlene going home with Neil, and the show depicts her heading home from the one-night stand the following morning.

Prior reports have stated that Justin Long is going to be a recurring character on the show, leading to her becoming the boyfriend of Darlene.

Where do viewers know Justin Long from before The Conners

Justin Long has been acting for a long time. He started out as a minor character on the film Galaxy Quest, serving as the kid at home who is a huge fan of the show. He was then in a starring role in the movie Jeepers Creepers, as Warren Cheswick on the show Ed, and as Justin in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Now that Long is a member of The Conners cast, it gives another aspect to the starring characters. It is unclear just how long the story arc for Neil is going to be on the show, and that might come down to how well the character is received during his first few episodes.

For long-time viewers of Roseanne, Neil (Justin Long) might remind them of when Johnny Galecki joined the show as David.

Conners airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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