Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy releases comic-faithful photos

Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy releases comic-faithful photos
The cast of Jupiter’s Legacy. Pic credit: Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy is coming in 2021 as the much-anticipated start of the Millarworld on Netflix.

Netflix signed an exclusive deal with Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted, Kingsman) right before they broke away from Marvel. Millar would provide several comic book properties for Netflix to make into movies and TV shows and in return, Netflix financed his comic book releases.

The first Mark Millar series to hit is Jupiter’s Legacy and it arrives in 2021.

Netflix released some photos that shows the series is remaining very loyal to the comics.

Netflix releases Jupiter’s Legacy photos

There were a series of photos released for Jupiter’s Legacy and it looks like this Netflix comic book adaptation will deal with both the origin of the legacy heroes and the journey of their kids.

The first two Jupiter’s Legacy photos released were pulled from the comics’ origin of how the first heroes got their powers.

In the comics, they set out under the leadership of Sheldon Sampson, who had visions of an island and a calling and when they found the exact island from his dreams, they returned as the world’s first superheroes.

Jupiter's Legacy - Sheldon Sampson
Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson in Jupiter’s Legacy. Pic credit: Netflix
Jupiter's Legacy - the origin
The first superheroes on their way to their destiny. Pic credit: Netflix

The next photos show the three most powerful heroes, standing side-by-side in the present day. This is Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson, Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson, and Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson

Jupiter's Legacy - The legacy heroes
The first superheroes on their way to their destiny. Pic credit: Netflix

These are the legacy heroes, but the storyline of Jupiter’s Legacy is about their children, the second generation of heroes.

Jupiter’s Legacy: The Second Generation

The four main characters are Sheldon and Grace’s kids, Chloe Sampson and Brandon Sampson, Walter’s son Jules Sampson, and Skyfox’s son Hutch.

Chloe is the daughter who doesn’t want to be a superhero and uses her powers for fame, sort of like the Paris Hilton of the superhero sect.

Elena Kampouris plays Chloe Sampson.

Jupiter's Legacy - Chloe Sampson
Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson. Pic credit: Netflix

Brandon Sampson is the son who wants to be a great hero, but his father has very high expectations that he never can reach. Eventually, he gets some bad advice and turns against his father’s values.

Andrew Horton plays Brandon Sampson.

Jupiter's Legacy - Brandon Sampson
Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson. Pic credit: Netflix
Jupiter's Legacy - Brandon Sampson hero pose
Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson. Pic credit: Netflix

Hutch is the son of one of the original legacy heroes, but his father was deemed a villain by his teammates and banished. Hutch has therefore become a villain but has aspirations at being something better when he falls in love with Chloe.

Ian Quinlan plays Hutch.

Jupiter's Legacy - Hutch
Ian Quinlan as Hutch in Jupiter’s Legacy. Pic credit: Netflix

The final photo is of Blackstar, a supervillain from the first issue of the series.

Tyler Mane plays Blackstar.

Jupiter's Legacy - Blackstar
Tyler Mane as Jupiter’s Legacy’s Blackstar. Pic credit: Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy hits Netflix on May 7.

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