Joy Behar puts Gerry Turner on notice for crying too much on The Golden Bachelor

Joy Behar on The View.
Joy Behar on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Everyone, everywhere, is talking about Gerry Turner and The Golden Bachelor. It is undoubtedly a hot topic, especially on The View.

For it to be the first season of this spin-off, the emotions continue to run high on the show.

Gerry Turner keeps telling women that he loves them. Kelly Ripa, from Live with Kelly and Mark, thinks he is much too liberal with the “L” word.

Two, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist, are left, and Gerry has to decide between them. They cannot both get roses, despite Gerry’s proffers of love.

The ladies on The View either love to hear about the show or are completely over it. Sunny Hostin has called the show “thirsty,” and Ana Navarro does not care to discuss the show, ever.

The topic turned to Gerry and whether or not you can be in love with two people at once.

Joy thinks Gerry cries too much since it’s just a TV show

“He cries a lot, this guy. It’s like, it’s just a TV show. Nobody died. He’s always crying, he’s like in John Boehner territory,” Joy Behar said, introducing the topic on the show.

She showed a clip of the fantasy suite in Costa Rica where Gerry and one of the ladies spend a night together. The official Bachelor Nation YouTube channel shared a more oversized clip from The Golden Bachelor.

She continued by asking, “What’s going on over there? Is the Fantasy Suites really where they’re doing anything? Or are they just playing Canasta in there? Who the hell knows?”

The ladies all started discussing the term “knocking boots.” Joy joked about the fantasy suites and said, “That’s where they do it!”

Sunny Hostin admits the crying is unattractive to her

Sunny watched the clip and heard what Joy had to say about Gerry crying too much and had to reveal again that she was uncomfortable with so much emotion being shown.

Another time, the ladies were recently discussing Gerry and The Golden Bachelor, and Sunny admitted that she may need “intense therapy,” in her own words. She told the ladies, “I’m not a cryer…all those tears made me uncomfortable.”

It was still the same during this segment. While Sunny said Gerry was “lovely,” she felt the emotional crying was unattractive. She opined that since Gerry was married for so long and is now a widower, maybe he is having a bit of lust rather than true love.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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