Joy Behar left stunned at dreadful joke about her age

Joy Behar Red Carpet
Joy Behar was shocked by a joke from a guest on The View. Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar is having a hard time lately with guests on The View. They are full of disrespect toward the venerated host.

Just this week, comedian and actor Matt Rogers revealed something she did not want to go public on the show, and after she called him out on it, he went on the podcast and spilled more about the whole thing.

Matt and his friends were flying back from the Bahamas and happened to be sitting behind Joy, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin.

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He revealed that she was barefoot on the plane, which the ladies have brought up derisively on the show. Now, Matt was telling everyone that Joy was guilty, too.

Joy stood her ground, telling him to “Shut up!” and seemed genuinely irritated.

Matt went on the podcast The View: Behind the Table and talked about the incident with Sara Haines and Brian Tete, executive producer of The View.

Matt was upset that Joy was “dragging him,” as he put it, but Sara told him, “She’s gonna keep dragging you. Once you call her out, you’re done.

Joy and the audience could not believe what they heard

Recently, Joy experienced another dig, this time over her age. Robert Smigel, hiding behind his puppet, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, was on the show telling jokes.

The subject turned to Joy, who recently celebrated her 81st birthday.

The comic had attended Joy’s 80th birthday party, and Joy graciously asked him if he had a good time.

He responded that he was at the party and then said something that made everyone, including the audience, gasp.

Matt said, “I performed. Oh, what a night it was. It was an open bar and an open casket.” He intimated that Joy was dead and in the casket. He then joked that they both got drunk at the party.

Sara tried to smooth things over, “You look beautiful. She still looks beautiful, doesn’t she? Eighty-one years old now.”

Joy snapped back and said she wondered why everyone kept mentioning her age.

Fans angry over the obnoxious joke about Joy’s age

The View posted a photo of Sunny Hostin’s dogs winning The View’s first Pooch Pageant, but that was not enough to distract fans from their outrage over the poor joke at Joy’s expense.

The View’s Instagram post.

A fan, @nicole_batchelor_regne, had quite a bit to say. They started by stating that this was the first episode that “I really did not enjoy. That puppet-dog, who I used to think was funny, was BEYOND OBNOXIOUS!”

Fan of The View expressing anger of an episode.
Fan of The View posting on Instagram. Pic credit: @nicole_batchelor_regne/Instagram

And then others posted as well. One user, @sueshots1, agreed with the previous poster, calling the segment “Worthless.”

A fan of Joy Behar's on Instagram
A fan of Joy Behar’s on Instagram. Pic credit: @sueshots1/Instagram

Joy Behar’s many fans do not tolerate disrespect toward her age.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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