Joy Behar goes missing from The View and fans are concerned

Joy Behar at a random event.
Joy Behar went missing on The View with no explanation and fans are worried. Pic credit: ©

Things have been running smoothly on The View lately, but a shakeup in the regular lineup has fans worried about one of the ladies.

It is well known that Joy Behar is off on Mondays, and Whoopi Goldberg takes her Fridays off for a long weekend.

Ana Navarro fills in here or there and needs time to prepare because she flies from Florida to film The View. Otherwise, she is usually off partying somewhere.

But today, The View changed things without an official announcement, and fans are starting to worry.

Ana Navarro was called in unexpectedly, it seems, to fill in for Joy Behar. People worry whenever Joy is missing from her seat, especially after her long absence with COVID-19 before the holidays.

Neither Whoopi nor the executive producer, Brian Teta, have stated why Joy is missing.

Fans are worried and ask about Joy on social media

Joy is not a spring chicken at 81, and people worry about her health when she isn’t in her seat on The View like she usually would. People are looking for answers, and knowing she is ok would be great.

Since there wasn’t any announcement or acknowledgment of Joy’s absence, fans turned to social media and the #TheView hashtag to get answers.

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) said, “I just tuned in. Where’s Joy? Is she ok?” Another fan answered, “Good question, I wonder. I turned in late as well!”

Fans of The View are worried about Joy Behar.
Fans of The View are worried about Joy Behar and post about it on X. Pic credit: @amadolinwind/@LadyLiaPondeca/X

Another fan asked, “Where is Joy Behar?” And then they made a good point, “‘The View’ just isn’t that good without her!”

A fan of The View is worried about Joy Behar
A fan of The View posted on X asking about her whereabouts. Pic credit: @doggebukser/X

It could be that Whoopi was preoccupied with honoring the Kansas City shooting victims at the beginning of the episode, and there was no time to say anything about Joy.

The View shared a photo of Joy but left no news as to her whereabouts

The View’s Instagram account posted a photo of Joy and Whoopi with Sara Haines photobombing in the background.

In her last interview on The View: Behind the Table, she told Brian Teta she had trouble sleeping. She usually has no problem sleeping, so it was out of character for her.

Everyone hopes Joy is not ill and is just taking a long weekend of travel or writing a new play.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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