Josh Gates searches for Vietnam’s Big Foot on Destination Truth

Josh Gates goes in search of the Batutut, also known as Vietnam’s Big Foot

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the adventurer and cryptid hunter is looking for Vietnam’s version of Big Foot – the Batutut.

The Batutut is a hominid that is said to be similar to Big Foot and found in various remote regions of Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

Also know as Người rừng, meaning forest man, the creature is reported to be between 5 – 6 foot in height and be covered in fur ranging from black to reddish.

Dr. John MacKinnon claimed to have spotted tracks of the Batutut it in 1970 and believed it might be similar Meganthropus, itself similar to Homo erectus.

Others disagree and have proposed it could be a surviving group of Homo erectus or even Neanderthals.

Most descriptions have the creature eating fruit or small forest animals but in Borneo the legends involve a very aggressive hominid that attacks humans, being fond of livers.

During the Vietnam war there were several reports from both local tribesmen and US soldiers, the latter reporting a ‘rock ape.’

On the second episode he spends a night in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun to find out more about the curse, something Ancient Aliens is also investigating tonight.

Later he heads to the Florida Everglades where he searches for another mysterious ape, maybe he should enlist the help of the Swamp Hunters.

Last week Josh looked into the mysterious Orang Pendek and the Ninki Nanka.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth double bill starts at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel. 

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