Josh Gates’ Destination Truth goes in search of the Irish Banshee

Josh Gates' Destination Truth search for the banshee, shown in this sketch from the 1800s
Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the team search for the legendary Irish Banshee.

The banshee or fairy woman is a spirit that often acts as a herald of a death in Irish mythology. This typically takes the form of the banshee wailing or crying.

The banshee herself can take many forms and although often portrayed as an old woman, she can also appear as a beautiful young woman if desired. Her clothing is typically red or green and her long hair can be red or even appear to be on fire.

Josh Gates' Destination Truth investigates the banshee, pictured in this drawing
A drawing of an Irish banshee from a book of folktales.

The wailing or keening actually has some grounding in reality as in parts of Ireland and Scotland it was common for women to lament, wail or keen when someone died. Some were even hired for their wailing skills!

Can Josh and the team get to the bottom of this legend? Let’s hope they don’t hear the banshee cry themselves!

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs Fridays at 9 P.M. on Travel Channel. 

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