Josh Flagg’s shock proposal to Bobby Boyd on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' Josh Flagg, Bobby Boyd, and Josh's parents
Josh breaks the news to David, James and his dad on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Josh Flagg drops the bombshell news on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles this week — that he’s going to propose to boyfriend Bobby Boyd just three months after splitting from former fiance Colton Thorn.

In real life, Josh popped the question to Bobby in Paris back in July — and this week the lead-up to the big moment plays out on Million Dollar Listing LA.

But Bobby doesn’t get the reaction he might have hoped for from his friends and family, who are stunned by the sudden news.

Bobby is having a meal with MDLLA co-stars David Parnes and James Harris and his dad Michael Flagg when the conversation turns to Bobby and how much they like him.

But then Josh dishes out the big news, saying: “Aside from that, Bobby and I are very happy together…and I think that I’m going to propose to him.”

Josh with Bobby, left, and his parents Cindy and Michael after he proposed
Josh with Bobby, left, and his parents Cindy and Michael in Paris. Pic: @joshflagg1/Instagram

There’s a moment of stunned silence, before James says: “What, really?”

He adds: “I was having coffee with you six weeks ago and you were just dating, now and now you’re going to propose? Bloody hell!”

Josh’s dad Michael is totally dead-pan as he says: “I’m sort of speechless right now. Does your mother know?”

Josh says: “No, she doesn’t know yet.”

James adds: “You were with Colton eight years and you never proposed, and now six months?”

Josh hits back, saying: “Look, I’m not oblivious. I know that people are going to think, ‘oh, well, you were with him for eight years and didn’t propose’. I get that.

“But guess what? It’s a totally different type of relationship, and I’m doing what I think is right.”

He added in a chat with producers: “I can honestly say, I fall more in love with Bobby every single day.”

Also on this week’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Altman has a run-in with a client over a $20million bachelor pad which he thinks is only worth $17,000.

Meanwhile, Madison Hildebrand helps a client trying to downsize, and David and James suffer repeated blows as they try to sell a traditional property.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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