Jorge Lopez: Who is the actor playing Valerio on Elite Season 2?

Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez in Elite Season 2.
Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez in Elite Season 2. Pic credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

Elite brings a new dimension to teenage dramas, inviting Spanish audiences to an experience of secrets, lies, murder, and teenage hormones that are absolutely worth watching. Everyone knows high school is a dream come true and your worst nightmare in a strange pandemic of becoming a man or woman, while still battling an inner child full of insecurity. The students in Netflix’s original series Elite are no exception.

Valerio is a prime example of this. Every high school has that one kid, the drug-using, always down for a good time, ready to party at the drop of a hat, symbol of high school immaturity. But Valerio takes that label just a little further than your average high school student…think Game of Thrones level incestuous behavior.

So who plays Valerio in the Netflix series? Here is everything to know about actor Jorge Lopez in Elite Season 2.

Who is Jorge Lopez from Elite Season 2?

Jorge Lopez is the face of the much-discussed new character of Elite’s second season. Biobiochile explains that the young man is a Chilean actor who found his first success on the small screen with a show on the Argentine Disney channel.

Though he is 27, he looks much younger, which explains his ability to play a teenage free-spirit so well. He plays Valerio well enough that he is one of the most talked-about characters in Elite Season 2.

It is only appropriate that the young man with such deep Chilean roots would find a role on the show. It is only the second Netflix original to be done entirely in the Spanish language with optional English subtitles.

Does Lopez miss his Disney channel roots? According to Variety,  Lopez seems excited about the future and more mature roles saying at a Madrid press conference, “Valerio has a super-rich interior world. It’s been doubly surprising to get to a new country but feels so comfortable.”

This statement proves Lopez is willing to stretch his acting muscles so to speak, and it paid off in the case of his role on Elite.

Lopez scored his first acting gig in a show called Decibel 110, even though it took much longer to land his signature role on Soy Luna. He will most likely become better known as Valerio, the complex character roaming the halls of Las Encinas.

More about Jorge Lopez from Elite Season 2

Even a glance at Elite Season 2’s trailer makes it clear that this is a young man to watch out for as he is clearly going places. His IMDB credits show that he shortened his name for his acting credits, as his given name is Jorge Lopez Astorga.

Standing 5-feet-11, the baby-faced actor is still perfect for roles usually given to much younger actors. His acting credits stand currently at a mere three shows — Decibel 110, Soy Luna, and Elite. After making such a splash on this Netflix original series, there is no doubt those numbers will rise as he finds his feet in the acting world.

Lopez already has an impressive number of Instagram followers at 3.2 million. His Instagram also shows his website where you can view his reel, and find out more about his biography. If it weren’t for his official site, no one would know that this famous Spanish actor also worked in several musicals, including the popular Wizzard of Oz.

This young man may not be well-known yet in American circles, but soon he will be as famous here as he is in his beloved Chile.

Elite Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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