Jordan dances on DWTS in support of grocery store Joe: Where do things stand with Jenna Cooper?

Jordan Kimball on DWTS
Jordan Kimball will be on Dancing With The Stars tonight. Pic credit: ABC/BIP

Jordan Kimball, one of the guys from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and known from his stint on Bachelor In Paradise, is joining Joe Amabile tonight on Dancing With The Stars for trio night.

In their dance, the two guys pretend to battle it out over a woman, who will be giving out a final rose.

While Joe Amabile didn’t propose to girlfriend Kendall Long on Bachelor In Paradise, Jordan DID get down on one knee to propose to love interest Jenna Cooper — in a move that has gone down in television history for all the wrong reasons.

By all accounts, things were going well when he proposed. But the day the two-day finale started, website Reality Steve released text messages claiming that Jenna had been seeing another man behind Jordan’s back.

The text messages also claimed that she was only faking her relationship with Jordan to get attention for her business.

At the time Jordan spoke out about the entire situation, revealing he was heartbroken. He claimed he really loved Jenna and had been completely blindsided by everything.

Jenna then went on a campaign to clear her name, hiring a lawyer, Steve Honig, who told Us Weekly that a forensic examination proved that she did not send the messages.

Honig claims that her iPhone, iPad and iCloud backup were examined and subsequently proved that she didn’t send anything. In fact, her lawyer is arguing that Kimball is the one who sent the text messages to Reality Steve — to make Jenna look bad.

On October 5, Kimball shared several screenshots from a letter he had apparently received from Jenna Cooper’s lawyer, which included the accusation that Jordan was behind the messages.

Jenna Cooper has been vocal in denying her involvement in the drama, but she’s now claiming that she’s done trying to argue and feels she has been redeemed.

As for Reality Steve, he claims that no matter how much Jenna tries to deny that she has done anything wrong, he feels he has proven that she’s guilty.

It’s unlikely Jordan will talk about his relationship as he supports Joe on tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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