Join Jeremy Wade as he investigates Africa’s Assassins on River Monsters: Legendary Locations

River Monsters: Legendary Locations
Jeremy Wade in Africa on River Monsters: Legendary Locations. Credit: Animal Planet

River Monsters: Legendary Locations follows biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade as he travels across the world visiting the greatest rivers and encountering some of the largest and most deadly animals that call them home.

In this first compilation in the series, titled Africa’s Assassins, Jeremy heads to Heart of Darkness territory as he travel down the Congo River, explores the Okavango Delta and braves the mighty Zambezi.

Jeremy holds up a tiger fish
Jeremy holds up a tiger fish. Credit: Animal Planet

Each of the following three-hour episodes will feature a different continent as Wade observes these amazing and dangerous creatures in their natural habitat.

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North American Nightmares will see him tackle some of biggest fish in the continent including alligator gar, bull sharks and huge halibut.

Diving with crocodiles in Africa
Diving with crocodiles in Africa. Credit: Animal Planet

From the murky maze of Florida’s waterways to the icy waters of Alaska, no creature is too fearsome to overcome Jeremy’s curiousity.

Later he will also visit the mother of all rivers, the Amazon, where terrifying anacondas, outsized catfish and venomous sting rays await.

Watch River Monsters: Legendary Locations – Africa’s Assassins at 8 PM on Animal Planet. 

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