Jim Jefferies argues with key Hawaiian Republican over who created word ‘mangina’

Jim Jefferies
“Having two choices is better than one,” says Jefferies, whose interview with Hawaiian GOP state rep. Bob McDermott is hilarious

In last night’s Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central, Jim argued with a prominent Hawaiian Republican whether or not the anus is a sexual organ and who can claim to have created the word “mangina” while on assignment in Hawaii.

Jefferies’ interview with Republican state representative Bob McDermott was sidesplittingly funny and alternately sad as many conservatives hold McDermott’s antiquated views on women and gays.

In jest, Jefferies countered McDermott’s claim to creating the term ‘mangina’ by saying: “No you didn’t…I’ve been using the word mangina since the turn of the century. That’s when you tuck your d*** and balls between your legs and you close your legs up so it looks like you have a vagina and you go ‘I’m a girl.'”

Bob McDermott
McDermott was aghast “the anus was defined as a genital” and claimed to have invented the word ‘Mangina’

Hawaii seems to exist in a one-party system. The island state counts 25% of the population as white.

In the clip below, Jefferies also explores Hawaii’s “Republican problem” and how state representative Beth Fukumoto was drummed out of the GOP party in Hawaii by McDermott.

Beth Fukumoto
Former GOP politician Beth Fukumoto was drummed out of the party by McDermott

Jefferies also noted: “Here in America our bipartisan system has almost split the country down the middle. However, in Hawaii, one party is fighting for survival.

He added: “This Pina Colada soaked paradise could be the political crystal ball for the rest of the US, so how does the future look?”

The ‘Legit’ star noted that the state level Democrats outnumber Republicans 76 to 5, and at the federal level it’s all Democrats… plus a Democratic governor.

Showing a photo of former President Obama, Jefferies quipped: “There’s even a Democratic former president who was born here…allegedly!”

“The Jim Jefferies Show” is a nightly series that takes on the news of the day in America with Jim’s classic withering “suffer no fools” Aussie viewpoint.

The Jim Jefferies Show airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.

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