Jessie Lawrence on The Voice: Coach Blake Shelton brings everyone to tears with a sweet gesture

Jessie Lawrence performs on The Voice
Jessie Lawrence lost to Rose Short on the fourth night of the battles. Pic credit: The Voice

On last night’s episode of The Voice, coach Blake Shelton brought everyone to tears with a sweet gesture he made to  Jessie Lawrence, who lost in the battles against the highly-talented Rose Short.

On the fourth night of the battle rounds, coach Gwen Stefani paired 31-year-old Jessie Lawrence from Newark, New Jersey, against Rose Short, 34, a former corrections officer from Killeen, Texas, who said she quit her job to focus on singing.

Lawrence, who had a difficult childhood growing up in a group home, and who was recently homeless, performed The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face against Rose Short. Short is a singer with powerful soprano vocals. John Legend, who had earlier stolen James Violet from Gwen’s team, described her as a “phenomenally talented vocalist.”

Stefani picked Short as the winner of the battle. But after picking Short, she pushed her button to save Lawrence. Immediately after Stefani saved Lawrence, coach Shelton shocked everyone by pressing his steal button.

“Blake wants to sleep alone tonight!’ cried host Carson Daly.

However, Shelton explained that he did not want to “steal” Lawrence and that he pressed the steal button only as a gesture to show his respect. He said he wanted Jessie to know that he deserved to stay in the competition.

“I’m not going to make a pitch for you, because that is the coach for you,” Blake said, nodding toward Gwen. “I wanted to show you how much respect I have for you, and how much you deserve to be on this show, dude.”

Shelton’s gesture brought tears to the eyes of the two female coaches, Stefani and Kelly Clarkson. The two ladies sobbed while Lawrence wiped tears from his eyes. Many in the audience appreciated the gesture and cheered.

Stefani told Lawrence that she believed he deserved to continue in the competition because he has worked so hard. She added that she just couldn’t wait to share him with America.

Lawrence decided to stay with  Gwen.

“I’m gonna stay with the queen,” he said.

“I have a really big spot in my heart for Jessie, so I just feel super-excited to give him the opportunity to grow on this show,” Stefani said.

The video below shows the moment that John Legend stole James Violet from Gwen Stefani.

Stefani was the only coach who turned for Lawrence during the blind auditions. Lawrence said he was so happy when Stefani turned for him that he almost did “5,000 backflips.”

Rose Short was excited that she won the battle. She was also happy that Stefani saved Jessie Lawrence.

“I said I wasn’t going to be crying but I’ve cried this whole journey,” she said. “I’m just thankful. These are tears of gratitude.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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