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Jessica Harmon on V Wars: Who is Jess on Netflix vampire series?

Jessica Harmon on V Wars: Who is Jess on Netflix vampire series?
Jessica Harmon on The 100. Pic credit: The CW

A new Netflix horror series called V Wars just hit on Thursday, December 5, and there were some familiar faces on the cast.

Of course, the biggest name is Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder as the lead protagonist, although he ends up infected by the biohazard that turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.

Actress Jessica Harmon is also someone who many people may recognize and here is what you need to know.

Jessica Harmon on V Wars

Jessica Harmon plays a character named Jess. She is the beloved wife of Ian Somerhalder’s Dr. Luther Swann.

Luther had to leave home before his wedding anniversary with Jess to investigate an Arctic station that ended up losing communication with the world.

He goes with his friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) to investigate and that is when they are exposed to the biohazard. Both men are released from quarantine when it is determined nothing happened.

However, when Fayne calls Swann for help when he believes he killed a bartender but doesn’t remember doing it, things get scary. The police arrest both men, but Fayne has superhuman strength and escapes, killing some guards along the way.

Swann goes home to make sure his wife and son are safe, but then a vampire attacks his son. Swann kills the vampire to protect his family, only to see the vampire return to normal as his wife Jess.

That was just on the first episode alone.

Who is Jessica Harmon?

Jessica Harmon has been a mainstay on genre television for a few years. She had supporting roles on iZombie, The 100, and Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy.

Harmon also appeared as a guest on everything from Supernatural and Kyle XY to Arrow and The Magicians. She also appeared in the 2006 horror movie remake of Black Christmas.

V Wars is currently streaming right now on Netflix.