Jessica Dime’s baby name, when she was born and everything else you need to know

The moment Jessica Dime found out she was pregnant on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
The moment Jessica Dime found out she was pregnant on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

On the Season 7 finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Jessica Dime was featured as she went into labor. LHHATL fans learned of Dime’s pregnancy at the beginning of the season and finished it by seeing her in the hospital with Shawne Williams and their baby.

Jessica and Shawne were careful during the season to keep much of their personal lives quiet. Since their baby news was a huge part of Season 7, they held back certain information private until the big reveal during the finale.

Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams’ new daughter is absolutely adorable. Viewers got to see the newborn clearly on the LHHATL finale and not just a quick glimpse.

While holding her newborn, Jessica explained that her new baby was a huge blessing. That’s why they decided to name her Blessing Briel Williams.

Fans learned that Jessica Dime had given birth back on June 5, when she posted a video of baby Blessing (whose name was not revealed at that time) that showed off her adorable unicorn slippers as she rocked back and forth. Jessica was sure to keep the baby’s face out of the video, clearly she was saving that for the LHHATL finale.

As footage of Dime and Shawne bonding with their baby girl rolled, All Over Again by Leelah James played in the background. Leelah proudly pointed that out after the show aired.

Just days before learning that Dime gave birth, we got to watch the gender reveal party on VH1. On an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Jessica Dime gathered all of her friends and family together.

The baby was revealed to be a girl after Shawne Williams threw a ball at the backboard of a basketball hoop and it exploded into a big pink cloud. Everyone cheered to hear that Jessica would be having a little girl.

We also got to see a very heartwarming reunion between Jessica and her mom. Shawne thought it was important that her mom be there to support her, especially since he was still working to get back into the NBA.

Shawne arranged for Jessica and her mom to come face-to-face so they could work out their issues. After years of tension between them, it looks like Jessica became a mom and healed her relationship with her own mother all in a very short time.

Congratulations to Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams on the birth of their baby girl, Blessing Briel Williams. We can’t wait to see more of their story.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will return for the reunion episodes on Monday at 8/7c on VH1.

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