Jeremiah Buoni on Floribama Shore: Brains and brawn make this bartender memorable

Jeremiah Buoni
Jeremiah Buoni in a scene from Floribama Shore. Pic credit: MTV

There is more to Jeremiah Buoni than just his good looks. That said, the Floribama Shore star definitely has no problem getting attention from the ladies.

One of the main points that separates Jeremiah Buoni from the rest of his housemates is the fact that he was homeschooled. This was a big deal and something that was discussed heavily during the first season of Floribama Shore.

He grew up with all of his brothers and sister at home all of the time, so living in the house wasn’t a culture shock as far as how many people are always around.

Before getting cast for Floribama Shore, Jeremiah Buoni worked as a bartender in the swanky Ritz Carlton in his hometown of Amelia Island, Florida. He is a native, but Panama City is on the other side of the state.

During Season 1, Jeremiah Buoni brought his brother Josh out for a while. Immediately, he was attracted to Nilsa Prowant. The two had a brief fling before he dumped her, making things in the house a bit awkward for Jeremiah and Nilsa.

Jeremiah Buoni has the ability to talk publicly and openly. He has aspirations of being a motivational speaker.

There have been several instances where he has been the voice of reason in the Floribama Shore house. Buoni isn’t a jokester like some of the other housemates. In fact, he seems to get pretty bothered by the constant jokes.

Going to the gym and keeping up with his buff physique is important to Jeremiah Buoni. There is always time in the day to work out and even while partying, he always made time for fitness.

There is one relationship that doesn’t seem to be working out well in the Floribama Shore house. Jeremiah Buoni and Codi Butts definitely have tension between them this season. Will they be able to move past it?

Last season on Floribama Shore, Jeremiah was filmed getting close to a woman who didn’t live in the house and that didn’t sit well with many of the women he did live with. Now, Kayla Jo has moved on to start a family with another man. Does that mean Jeremiah is ready to mingle again?

Floribama Shore airs Monday night on MTV at 10/9c

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