Jeopardy! viewers were ‘yelling at their TVs’ over this hot-dog-related question

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Jeopardy! viewers disagree over a recent contestant’s response. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jeopardy! viewers are up in arms over a hot-dog-related clue.

An episode earlier this week sparked outrage among hot dog enthusiasts.

A contestant named Adriana Harmeyer went up against her opponents, Christina Paul and Travis Kissire.

The trio was asked to name what they would receive if they ordered a “Coney Island” at a Detroit eatery.

A $1,200 clue in the “City Slang” category read, “Order a Coney Island at Detroit’s finer eateries, and you’ll get this.”

After some clarification, the five-time winner, Adriana, was awarded the correct response.

Initially, Adriana’s answer wasn’t descriptive enough.

When she buzzed in, she told host Ken Jennings, “What is a hot dog?”

Ken asked Adriana to be more specific in her reply, asking, “Can you be more specific?”

Jeopardy! viewers contest Adriana’s response on Reddit

However, Detroit locals contest Adriana’s response because they say that a Detroit “coney” doesn’t contain chili.

Taking to Reddit, a disgruntled Jeopardy! viewer purported, “A Detroit coney does not have chili on it! It is a specific meat sauce that is not chili.”

jeopardy! viewers on reddit argue over a clue
Pic credit: u/OkBodybuilder418/Reddit

“I used to make it at a Michigan restaurant, I also made chili and they are vastly diffrent,” claimed u/OkBodybuilder418.

Another Redditor, hailing from Indiana, agreed with the sentiment.

One “native metro Detroiter,” said, “Agree as well.”

“You can buy it at Meijer and Walmart and it is NOT chili. It’s beef heart sauce with ground meat,” they added.

Adriana’s response had one Jeopardy! viewer and their family members “yelling at the TV.”

“A Coney dog is different than a chili dog for sure,” added u/bodularbasterpiece.

“We were yelling at the tv last night,” their comment continued. “These monsters probably think Chili and Sloppy Joes are the same thing.”

Some Jeopardy! fans felt Adriana’s answer was accurate

Despite the criticism of Adriana’s response, there were many Jeopardy! viewers who agreed that producers made the right call by awarding her the win.

jeopardy! viewers on reddit discuss a contestant's response
Pic credit: u/OkBodybuilder418/Reddit

“It’s always chili. It’s called chili,” wrote one Redditor.

Others cited a Google search describing the hot dog topping as “chili” and noted that despite what it may actually be, people have always referred to it as chili.

Adriana will return next week in the hopes of adding to her winnings

Despite whether or not Jeopardy! fans agreed with Adriana’s answer, she has found much success in her run on the popular weeknight game show.

The Purdue archivist’s eight-day win streak has earned her a whopping $183,100 thus far.

Adriana, a Marshall University alum from West Lafayette, Indiana, will again take the podium on Monday evening.

She will be looking to impress host Ken Jennings with her vast knowledge and, of course, increase her winnings.

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