Jeopardy! viewers in shock after all three ‘uncultured’ contestants fail to name this iconic rock band

ken jennings red carpet appearance
Ken poses for photographers at a Game Show Network premiere event. Pic credit: ©

Some recent Jeopardy! contestants needed a crash course in rock and roll.

During a recent episode, Ken Jennings noted that all three contestants “annoyed” fans of a famous British rock band considered one of the most influential bands of their time.

When one of the contestants chose the “Discographies” category, he was stumped when the answer appeared on the board.

Ken Jennings‘ clue to the contestants included the name of Led Zeppelin’s 1973 album, Houses of the Holy, along with a group photo of the English rock-n-rollers who comprise the rock group — Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.

The contestants remained silent as they didn’t know who they were looking at in the photo.

None of the Jeopardy! players correctly guess Led Zeppelin as the clue, prompting Ken’s witty response.

“You have annoyed Led Zeppelin fans everywhere,” Ken told the trio.

Ken Jennings jokes that Jeopardy! contestants irked quite a few rock music fans

Led Zeppelin, formed in 1968 by lead guitarist Jimmy Page, was originally named the New Yardbirds and were pioneers of their time, putting early heavy metal on the map.

Since then, they’ve garnered millions of fans, and anyone who is a fan of rock music is familiar with their name.

Following the episode, some Jeopardy! viewers and rock music fans headed to X, formerly Twitter, where they sounded off, shocked at the contestants’ lack of musical knowledge.

Jeopardy! viewers were in an uproar over a missed Led Zeppelin clue

One disgruntled viewer included a GIF of Led Zeppelin’s lead singer, Robert Plant, performing on stage in the 1970s and captioned it, “Nobody knew Led Zeppelin? #Jeopardy.”

“Three champions on #jeopardy and none of them knew Led Zeppelin from a photo and ‘houses of the holy’ name drop,” penned another disappointed viewer, adding, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME[?].”

twitter user comments on jeopardy! episode featuring led zeppelin in the clue
Jeopardy! viewers were in disbelief. Pic credit: @Pete_bootygudge/X

Another X user griped, “No one on jeopardy knew a simple clue about led Zeppelin and their song black like me? They must have led uncultured lives. What kind of music have they been listening to?”

twitter user comments on jeopardy! episode featuring led zeppelin in the clue
Another stunned Jeopardy! viewer called the contestants “uncultured” for not knowing who Led Zeppelin is. Pic credit: @Louisjin2012/X

One Led Zeppelin fan took to X to express their disbelief with a photo of Led Zeppelin posing in front of their private jet, along with some pointed criticism aimed at the three unwitting contestants.

“Was told that 3 thirty something contestants on Jeopardy last night did not know who Led Zeppelin was,” they wrote.

“I make sure my young nieces, nephew and all their friends are well educated in Classic Rock!!!”

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Deborah Bennett
Deborah Bennett
4 months ago

There are no words!!!!! My Mom who will be 90 knows Led Zepplin!!!