Jeopardy! Tournament of the Champions round called ‘weird’ and ‘unpredictable’ as Brian Henegar’s reaction divides fans

Brian Henegar on Jeopardy!
Brian Henegar’s big win got quite the response. Pic credit: Jeopardy!/Youtube

Jeopardy! Tournament of the Champions has been firing from all cylinders, with countless power shifts that have changed the trajectory of the competition.

Things took quite the turn on Friday with an episode that some fans felt was “weird” and “unpredictable,” depending on who you ask.

Brian Henegar, Josh Saak, and Stephen Webb faced off as the game went in various directions in a short time before one of them was crowned the winner.

Webb was nixed from the competition ahead of the final clue due to “flirting with negative amounts,” as host Ken Jennings put it.

It was not a good game for Webb.

One fan on the show’s Subreddit felt that the board “wasn’t too much in favor to the contestants.”

Webb’s performance stunned many fans

The fan affirmed that Webb is a “good player,” and they “felt bad that he ended up in the red.”

A Jeopardy! fan reacts to Stephen Webb's loss.
A fan is on Team Stephen. Pic credit: Reddit/bertisrobert

Webb was an eight-day champion, so he was an excellent player with a convincing winning streak.

But people have off days sometimes, and sadly, his time in the Tournament of Champions is over.

Another fan opened up about how Webb’s performance was “unpredictable.”

Jeopardy! fan calls latest episode "unpredictable."
A fan speaks about the unpredictable nature of the game. Pic credit: Reddit/grandmamimma

Henegar’s victory cheer did not go unnoticed

Henegar ultimately won the episode, and while there were many happy fans, he may have gone a bit too far to celebrate his victory.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he screamed in the podium as he pumped his fist.

Understandably, anyone would be happy about winning, but some fans were less than impressed with his reaction.

A Jeopardy! fan reacts to Brian Henager's win.
A fan is shocked at Henegar’s reaction. Pic credit: Reddit/ashwinr136

The fan added that it was a “weird game.”

They added that they didn’t think they’d ever seen “anyone scream and show as hard as Brian after winning.”

A fan reacts to Jeopardy!'s Brian Henegar's win.
This fan believes the cheering was warranted. Pic credit: Reddit/ohlalalavieenrose

Another fan countered that they “don’t blame him for being excited” because it was a “very close” game.

“How dare someone be excited. You probably complain about bat flipping, too,” said another fan in Henegar’s defense.

A Brian Henegar fan speaks out on Reddit.
This fan thinks people are overreacting. Pic credit: Reddit/Rubberbandballgirl

The Tournament of Champions has claimed several big players

The episode certainly changed the game as we head into the remainder of the Tournament of Champions.

Of course, we’ve lost many beloved faces, including Juveria Zaheer, who had a strong performance on Thursday, only for her to be overtaken by Luigi de Guzman at the end.

With the Tournament of Champions gearing up for its big finish, we will have new players on the syndicated edition of the game show next month.

It’s been a long time without new additions, so getting back to that level of unpredictability will be exciting.

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