Jeopardy! fans celebrate as Ben Chan advances to Tournament of Champions semifinals

Ben Chan returns to Jeopardy!
Ben Chan had a comfortable lead on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Pic credit: ABC

The latest Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy! has delivered many shocking moments.

Tuesday’s new episode was another for the books after Ben Chan comfortably beat out fellow champions Justin Bolsen and Emmett Stanton.

At the beginning of the high-octane installment, host Ken Jennings discussed how the 2024 Tournament of Champions has been the most “dramatic in history.”

Going into the episode, Chan was seen as a strong competitor, with nine initial wins. Still, given that many strong competitors had already lost their spot in the tournament, nothing was off the table.

From the jump, Chan had a comfortable lead, snagging a Daily Double at $7,000.

By the time we got to Double Jeopardy!, he had banked $11,400, compared to Bolsen’s $1,600 and Stanton’s $3,200.

Ben Chan’s victory was imminent

By the Final Jeopardy!, he had amassed $29,800, so it was inevitable he would be leaving with the win and advance to the semifinals.

Ben Chan reacts to Jeopardy! win.
Ben Chan speaks out about advancing to the semifinals. Pic credit: JeopardyBenBen/Reddit

Chan took to the show’s official subReddit to say that his two competitors “are really beautiful human beings.”

Jeopardy fan praises Ben Chan.
A Jeopardy fan praises Ben Chan. Pic credit: TrixiesHusband/Reddit

A fan responded to say “congratulations,” and they were glad to see Chan and “Emily in the semifinals.”

“Safe to say two of you are my favorites,” the excited fan added.

A Jeopardy fan is proud of Ben Chan.
Ben Chan’s win gets quite a reception. Pic credit: nvonb/Reddit

“I’m so happy to see you back in dominating,” said another fan who is “stoked” for the semifinals.

Fans are happy to have Ben Chan back

After shocking exits, one fan claimed that “order is restored, for now.”

A Jeopardy fan reacts to Ben Chan's return.
This Jeopardy fan is happy to have order restored. Pic credit: WaterTower11101/Reddit

Another fan felt this was a “dominant game from a big-time champion.”

“Ben looked like he hadn’t missed a beat,” the excited fan added.

A Jeopardy fan reacts to Ben Chan's win.
Ben Chan had a dominant victory. Pic credit: Hot_Sauce_4407/Reddit

There have been some big upsets throughout the tournament

There have been many big shockers throughout the competition, including Juveria Zaheer losing.

The returning champion had a comfortable lead for most of her episode before being overtaken at the last minute.

The beauty of Jeopardy! is that everything can change on a dime, and that’s precisely what happened to Zaheer.

More recently, fans got an unpredictable episode that put Brian Henegar, Josh Saak, and Stephen Webb against one another.

Henegar secured a victory almost overshadowed by his fist pump and the reaction it got from viewers of the beloved series.

When will new contestants appear on Jeopardy?

Looking ahead, we still have some more qualifiers before we get to the semifinals and, of course, the final, so we still have a couple of weeks of these higher-stakes games.

The series goes back to new contestants next month.

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