Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out: What is she doing now?

Jenni Pulos
Jenni Pulos has left Flipping Out, but what is she doing now? Pic credit: Bravo

Fans may have witnessed history on last night’s episode of Flipping Out when Jeff Lewis fired Jenni Pulos after a dramatic fight. He fired her so she could pursue her dream career as an actor. Since she’s not back at Jeff Lewis Design now, what is Jenni working on?

Her Instagram profile reveals she’s a mom, wife, actress, producer, rapper, author, creator, entertainer, and animal lover. Pulos has been rather silent about her dramatic exit from Flipping Out, letting Jeff do all the talking. She also hasn’t talked about what she’s doing now.

Based on her Instagram, it sounds like she is pursuing her love of acting. Yesterday, she posted a GIF of her doing a rap with someone from the cast of Hamilton in Chicago. In addition, she shared photos of herself from backstage at The Jam TV Show and at FOX 32 News.

While she has cut ties with Jeff Lewis, it doesn’t sound like she has cut ties with Bravo or Andy Cohen. She recently posted a happy birthday message to Andy Cohen on Instagram, resulting in some fans noting that she had been treated unfairly by Jeff. One person even suggested that she should get her own show.

“I never filed a claim, I really worked for him, we were really friends,” Jenni told Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live in November. “You know, heartbroken about how it’s all transpired, but I wish him the best and I always have.”

It sounds like she has no plans of going back to Jeff Lewis Design and she seems firm in her decision to move on and cutting all ties with him.

Her Instagram account doesn’t provide much in terms of her work. Instead, she’s sharing photos of her husband, Jonathan Nassos, and their two children. She has only mentioned Flipping Out in an effort to promote the episodes that were airing that day.

As for the fight that broke their friendship, fans were shocked to see how it all played out. Since fans had only heard about Jenni’s abuse and wrongful termination accusations, it was surprising to see that viewers seemed to side with Jeff.

Jenni Pulos broke down crying during last night’s finale episode of Flipping Out after her long-time friend Jeff Lewis called her “a f**king liar” after learning that she had turned down a role in a Nicholas Cage movie to work for him.

He was furious because he felt she was lying about it, as he had accommodated many of her auditions over the years.

Things escalated to the point where he fired her in the final moments of the episode, with Jenni appearing shocked. She was under the impression that he was going to work things out with her and get her back to work after a week off where they could spend some time apart.

However, he explained that he only wanted people to work for him who would do it full-time and have the same goals and aspirations as him. She was fired but they appeared to be on good terms as the show wrapped.

Only time will tell whether Jenni Pulos will continue her work with Bravo.

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