Jeff Lewis makes controversial comment about ‘lower income’ people on Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis making his comment about ‘lower income’ people on Flipping Out

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis has angered some fans after making a controversial comment about “lower income” people.

The moment comes in tonight’s episode when Jeff is helping his father Tom prepare his condo for sale.

While looking around the property, Jeff notices that some of the workmanship appears to be sub-standard, including a broken tile in the bathroom and a damaged door.

Referring to the builder, Jeff says: “Yeah, I don’t know if Cuba’s, um, like I think his work is probably fine for some of my dad’s apartment buildings where there’s tenants involved and maybe they’re lower income. But I think this price point warrants a different work standard, and I don’t know if Cuba is meeting that work standard.”

However, his comments didn’t go down well with some fans after the clip was posted on YouTube and Facebook by Bravo — with one branding it a “shameful comment”.

One fan said: “Love ya jeff and constantly defend you but please don’t try to allude that poor people deserve trash things bc that’s all they can afford.”

Another added: “Jeff lower income deserves work done well too!!!!

One said: “WTF! Low income don’t deserve nicer amenities?! Shame on you!”

Flipping Out fan YouTube comment

Flipping Out fan Facebook comment

Flipping Out fan Facebook comment

Flipping Out fan Facebook comment

This week’s Flipping Out also sees Jeff plan more demolition for Valley Vista, while he also goes house-hunting with one of his favorite clients — Styx rocker Tommy Shaw’s wife Jeanne.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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