Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos no longer friends ‘after horrible fight’

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos
Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos are supposedly no longer friends. Pic credit: Bravo

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos used to be inseparable when they started filming Flipping Out in 2007 — but have now fallen out after a “horrible fight”, sources claim.

Jenni was always the employee on the show who was loyal to Jeff, and would call him out when he was in the wrong.

But it sounds like lines may have crossed during recent interactions between the pair, bringing an end to their friendship.

According to a new report, the pair are no longer working together — with Jenni’s departure from Lewis’s company Jeff Lewis Design, filmed for the show’s upcoming 11th season.

Tensions are said to have been growing for months now, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was reportedly a heated argument between the pair.

A source told People magazine: “It was a horrible fight that was uncomfortable for everyone around them to watch. There were too many hurt feelings there and they both just unleashed on one another.”

It’s no secret that Lewis has a rotating business when it comes to employees. Every season of Flipping Out, there are new staff, interns and everything in between.

But Jenni Pulos has always been there, so her departure from his firm will be a huge deal for fans of the Bravo show.

The newest season starts next week, and while Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos are both feature, their feud will reportedly play out during coming episodes.

A separate source told People that the rift between the pair is now too serious to fix.

It’s sad. They used to be inseparable but their differences just got too big to overcome. They found fame together so there was always this thought that nothing could tear them apart, but that hasn’t been the case. They’ll never come back from this. It’s over.

It’s uncertain what the fight was about, but there are said to have been a combination of things that finally pushed Pulos over the edge.

Fans will get to see how things escalate when the show returns on Bravo on September 11. Whether Jenni will remain part of the series after that is yet to be confirmed.

Flipping Out Season 11 premieres Tuesday, September 11, at 10/9c on Bravo.

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