Jeff gets slashed on the arm and Bob is injured on Project Grizzly

Bob is playful
Bob is playful, but his play could be deadly to Jeff on Project Grizzly

On this episode of Project Grizzly – Bob has an injured foot, the bears learn to forage and Jeff gets slashed on the arm.

Bob is a little more playful than Screech, in this clip Jeff can feel the bear wants to take him down. It might all just be rough and tumble play for Bob, but he could easily really hurt Jeff.

Unlike some handlers we’ve seen on other shows, Jeff never takes his own safety for granted and is always aware just how dangerous they can be.

The bears wrestle
The bears play rough with each other but Jeff can’t take that sort of punishment

As he pushes the two grizzlies further away from him in attempt to get them ready for the wild, the dangers for him can only increase.

This episode he hopes to teach them how to forage, a vital skill for bears.

Will they master the skill or will Bob’s injured foot hamper the exercise?

Watch Project Grizzly – What About Bob t 10:05 PM on Animal Channel. 

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