Jeff Dunham: Beside Myself: When did comedian get the Hollywood Walk of Fame star and where is it located?

Jeff Dunham and puppet Larry from Beside Myself
Jeff Dunham and puppet Larry from Beside Myself. Pic credit: Netflix

Comedian, and ventriloquist extraordinaire, Jeff Dunham is back with a comedy special called Beside Myself.

In the special, Dunham touches on various topics like his family, his dog and getting poked in the butt by his toddlers. He does this while bringing out all the famous puppets from his magical box.

He even debuts a new puppet called Larry, who works for the Trump administration amidst the current political landscape.

One of the subjects brought up is the fact Dunham recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He pokes fun at the placement of it — saying it is next to a CVS. But since, fans have been curious how to find it. Well, look no further.

Here is the location of Jeff Dunham’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

When did Jeff Dunham get the Hollywood Walk of Fame star?

According to NBC Los Angeles, Dunham received the star back in September 2017. The report indicates that the talented comedian had celebrities like Jay Leno and Howie Mandel join him at the ceremony for the tremendous honor.

Walk of Fame notes, he is the 4th ventriloquist in history to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is a huge accomplishment.

Speaking to the NBC station, Dunham expressed his overwhelming feelings about the occasion and his gratitude about it being something positive, saying:

“This is absolutely fantastic. You know, I was thinking about this this morning, that it’s unbelievable and so fantastic that so many friends, close friends, sort-of friends, family members, close family members, business associates — we’ve all gathered to honor me and it’s not because I died.”

The other celebrities who were ventriloquists to receive this star were Edgar Bergen, Shari Lewis, and Tommy Riggs.

Where is Jeff Dunham’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star located?

Walk of Fame says that the ceremony took place at “6201 Hollywood Boulevard in front of the newly developed Eastown. ” So this should be the precise location of where to find the star.

And hilariously enough, a CVS is right next to the spot where the star sits. However, it also has a Dunkin’ Donuts and a Shake Shack nearby as well. Silver linings, Jeff, silver linings. Who doesn’t like Shake Shack?

Regardless of the location and the humorous contempt for drug stores, Dunham’s success as a comedian is well-earned. Having a star is a tremendous honor and one to be proud of.

Jeff Dunham: Beside Myself is now streaming on Netflix.

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