Jazz Jennings talks Pride Month and confronts Mya’s brother on I Am Jazz

I Am Jazz
Jazz Jennings has been talking about Pride Month

Tonight on I Am Jazz, the two-part premiere episode of the new season continues as a surgery consultation gives pause for thought and Jazz confronts her friend’s brother.

Jazz has been fairly lucky and her family have been very supportive of her transformative journey, but not all families are the same. Her friend Mya’s brother is really struggling with his sister’s changes and can’t seem to get his head around it or be supportive.

Will an intervention by Jazz prove to be helpful or just make matters worse?

Meantime the bottom surgery consultation throws up some issues that could force a rethink.

Also on this episode, Jazz ends up on a date with a transgender boy!

Jazz has also been on Facebook Live talking a bit about how important Pride Month is and how vital it is to support the rights movement, especially in this political climate.

You can watch the video below and read more about Jazz here in our profile.

 I Am Jazz airs at 9:00 PM on TLC.

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