Jasmine Washington passes on Kirk Frost Father’s Day shade, Rasheeda shares a message

Jasmine Washington passes on opportunity to shade Kirk Frost for Father's Day
Jasmine Washington talks about the Kirk Frost baby daddy drama on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Jasmine Washington just wants Kirk Frost to acknowledge her son. At least that’s what she told Rasheeda recently on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Considering all the drama going on between Jasmine, Kirk, and his wife Rasheeda, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kannon’s mom decided to drop a little Father’s Day note on Instagram for her shady baby daddy. So imagine our shock when Jasmine didn’t take the chance to talk about Kirk, who she claims hasn’t been there for her son lately.

In fact, Jasmine Washington has been pretty busy on Instagram lately. She’s been sharing a lot of photos of herself as she reps products like the new Flat Tummy Co. appetite suppressant suckers. She even shared a picture of baby Kannon snuggled up to Rod Bullock and it was very cute.

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What we haven’t seen on Instagram at all is shade directed at Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Kirk Frost. However, Rasheeda’s Father’s Day message for Kirk definitely looks like shade thrown at Jasmine.

Rasheeda posted a video of Kirk with his sons as well as another picture of her husband with all of his older children. Not shockingly, Jasmine Washington’s son Kannon was not a part of either Father’s Day celebration.

In the caption for Rasheeda’s post, she wrote, “Happy Fathers Day @frost117 keep up the great work & continue to be the great dad you are!”

In the second photo that shows Kirk’s older children, you can still see the blue tape line that Rasheeda laid down denoting which side of the house was hers and which side Kirk was allowed to exist in. Is it an old photo or are the pair still sleeping on their own sides?

Rasheeda and Kirk continue to work on their relationship as Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta continues on. Tonight, the trip to the dude ranch in Texas concludes and it looks like there will be no more surprises from Jasmine Washington.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. 

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