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Distressing scenes as Janine struggles to fit on plane in My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life Janine
Janine is extremely upset as she boards the plane for Houston on My 600-lb Life

This week on My 600-lb Life, Janine is extremely obese and can hardly move but she is looking to change her lifestyle and get her life back.

Janine knows that her body cannot handle everything that she is going to put it through on the big day, but she also knows that she has no real choice.

She says: “It’s time to just suck it up buttercup, it’s time to go..gotta get this done.”

Janine says that she has tried literally everything else to get her weight under control and so she knows this visit to Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston really is her last chance. She wants to get her life back on track and although she is very nervous, she’s also very determined that nothing will stop her.

As she arrives at the airport Janine is very self-conscious and knows that everyone will stare at her, comparing it to a freak show. She explains this is why her trips outside of the house are very limited, saying that it is often humiliating and scary experience.


There are distressing scene as Janine tried to get on the plane, she breaks down in tears as she desperately attempts to board.

My 600-lb Life starts at, 7:02 PM on TLC, with the second part of Lee and Rena’s story and then Janine’s episode following.

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