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Jamie Gray Hyder speaks on her sudden Law & Order: Special Victims Unit exit

Jamie Gray Hyder
Jamie Gray Hyder is leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in Season 23. Pic credit: NBC

Jamie Gray Hyder is speaking out on her surprising Law & Order: Special Victims Unit exit.

The actress responded on social media after news broke that her character, Kat Tamin, will be leaving the series in the Season 23 premiere.

Hyder and Demore Barnes are both confirmed as departing and the actress is making it clear it wasn’t her choice to leave Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Who is Kat Tamin?

Katriona Tamin first appeared in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 21 premiere. A detective for the Brooklyn squad, Kat posed as an actress to lure a corrupt movie producer into a sting.

Three episodes later, Kat joined the team full-time, with Benson welcoming her on. She had a great spirit and wanted justice for the victims. Kat didn’t share much about her background aside from having grown up in a housing project and trying to help a cousin after an attack.

Kat could cross the line, such as a case involving her boxing coach, which had her chastised by Benson. She revealed she dated both men and women and was shown in Season 22 to have a steady girlfriend. 

Having only joined two seasons ago, it was expected Kat would be a longer-lasting member of the team but it appears those plans have changed.

Jamie Gray Hyder discusses Kat’s leaving

On Friday evening, Deadline broke the shocking news that Hyder and Barnes would be leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the two-part Season 23 premiere. 

The synopsis for the second hour states that Fin and Kat would be put in danger tracking down a witness on a case.

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On Saturday, Hyder took to both Twitter and Instagram to post about the exit and confirmed it was not her choice to leave the show but rather the producers deciding to write Kat out. 

Under a link to the story, Hyder wrote, “Kat’s outta the bag… #SVU23 just got a lot less colorful.”

On both platforms, Hyder shared a heartfelt message on how much it meant to be on the series. 

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm Kat’s departure from the squad room. The decision was made above my pay grade and that wouldn’t have been my choice. But hey, that’s showbiz for ya.

To anyone who felt represented by any part of Kat’s being or mission, please know that you will always have representation in me.

Thank you to the SVUniverse for welcoming me with open arms. It’s been an experience that I have grown from greatly and will never forget.”

While Hyder does not go into details, the tweet indicates the decision to write Kat off the show came as much of a surprise to her as to viewers.

It appears the producers wanted to save the news of the two actors leaving as a surprise for the Season 23 premiere only to have it leaked early.

Now that the secret is out, fans will have to tune in to see how Kat’s departure goes down, which will surely add spice to a dramatic year for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 23 premieres Thursday, September 23 at 8/7c on NBC. 

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