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James King on My 600-lb Life must choose between girlfriend and Dr. Nowzaradan

James King’s battle with his weight on My 600-lb Life has been a huge struggle, tonight we catch-up with him as he tries to lower his weight to a point where Dr. Younan Nowzaradan can operate.

James admits in the video he had setbacks, and he claims to have been working diligently toward getting accepted back into Dr. Nowzaradan’s program.

But he is quite ill. James, even under Dr. Now’s care, continues to battle cellulitis and ulcerative leg infections and has major organ failure, specifically his liver.

James King is a Kentucky native who was already morbidly obese when more tragedy struck. He gained even more amounts of weight after his devastating fall.

In the first showing of his story, James said: Things got worse when I was 42 because I fell, and I was so big, the fire department had to come and get me up.”

Exasperated with his lack of progress, Dr. Now was completely fed up with the excuses and lies told by James and his girlfriend Lisa about what he was actually eating. James was ordered to stick to 800 calories a day diet but he allegedly consumed calorific foods on the sly.

He and Lisa denied these allegations.

You might be asking yourself is Lisa was enabling him, tonight we will find out!

James is ultimately faced with the choice to either remove Lisa from his immediate circle of carers and stay under Dr. Now’s medical supervision and care or leave with his girlfriend and end his treatment for what medical experts believe is guaranteeing an early death.

The clip shows James is trying to exercise in bed with free weights.

Can James and Lisa take any responsibility for the food James is eating? Or will their poor food choices lead to James’ untimely death?

Initially, James appeared on the series back in 2017, and at 790 lbs he set a record and was the heaviest person producers of this series had featured.

The heartbreaking episode showed his father refinancing his home to get James the help he needed in Houston, plus it showed his daughter dropping out of school to take care of James too.

But after their consult, Dr. Now was angered by James’ “poor me” excuses and actions contrary to his orders, and James was denied weight loss surgery. After that, James went on to gain even more weight.

In a telling sequence of events, James reportedly was nearly at death’s door and has somehow recovered and seen the light regarding his path to wellness.

The Inquistr blog reports that James is on the mend after a real scare and that he is getting psychological counseling to help him retrain his approach to eating.

Also tonight you will meet Cynthia on her road to wellness. She has two jobs, five children to raise, and needs to remodel a kitchen which has fallen into disrepair.

Watch tonight as Dr. Now challenges Cynthia’s ideas she can remain heavy and “full-figured” and still be healthy.

With her goal of having skin surgery, see if she can keep to Dr. Now’s dietary guidelines.

My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now? airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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