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Jackass star Wee Man on tonight’s DRONED on Science Channel

Wee Man in a still from the footage captured for Science Channel's DRONED
Wee Man in a still from the footage captured for Science Channel’s DRONED

Jackass star Wee Man is the big (well, small) name on tonight’s DRONED on Science Channel.

Pigeon Vision’s marketing chief Darren and the pro-skateboarder — real name Jason Acuña — head to a skate park in Long Beach, CA, to do some serious “shredding”.

The pair are there to experiment with Drone footage, but it takes a while for them to get going because of all the fans turning up to have their picture taken with the little guy.

Darren jokes: “I’ve got a new job as a photographer!”

Check out the preview clip below to see a section of the footage they captured.

Also on tonight’s DRONED on Science Channel, the team at Pigeon Vision check out a waterproof drone that can be used to capture extreme sports including things like cliff-walking and snowboarding.

DRONED follows the team at Fort Lauderdale drone firm Pigeon Vision as they explore the new frontier of drones and their potential uses.

DRONED airs Fridays at 6/5c on Science Channel. 

Julian Cheatle

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