Jack Maxwell drinks whiskey out of dead alligator on Booze Traveler

Jack holds the alligator's jaw as whiskey trickles through its teeth on Booze Traveler
Jack holds the alligator’s jaw as whiskey trickles through its teeth. Pic: @southiejack/Instagram

Adventurer Jack Maxwell adds a bit of bite to his whiskey on this week’s Booze Traveler — by drinking it out of a dead alligator.

The intrepid host heads to Florida to scope out the drinking scene and is amazed at what he finds.

At one point he samples shots by drinking them out of the skull of an alligator — with the alcohol dribbling out from between its fierce teeth!

Jack adding the beer reduction to the bacon maple donuts
Jack adding a beer reduction to maple bacon donuts. Pic: Travel Channel

He also gets involved with Haitian Voodoo, goes sailing on a water-borne tiki bar, and falls in love with maple bacon donuts drizzled in a reduction made from beer.

The episode, titled Florida’s Free Spirits, also sees him going air-boating through the Everglades while searching for an old bootlegger’s still.

Booze Traveler airs Mondays at 10/9c on Travel Channel.

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