Jack and Ozzy Osbourne investigate the Roswell UFO incident

UFO Museum, Roswell
The UFO Museum close to the site of the Roswell UFO incident. Credit: CC Tiffany LeMaistre

Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour heads to New Mexico to see the if the truth is really out there, as they look into the Roswell UFO incident and all things UFO.

In the Unidentified Flying Ozzy episode – the unlikely history nerds head to Roswell in New Mexico to check out the infamous crash site and the UFO Museum.

The Roswell UFO incident happened back in 1947 when a press release from the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) was put out reporting that they had recovered a flying disc, which had crashed at a nearby ranch.

This led to headlines in the local press and the United States Air Force was forced to put out their own statement saying they had lost a weather balloon. Many years later they released details of Project Mogul, designed to monitor Soviet nuclear testing with high altitude microphones.

Roswell Map
Did aliens crash at Roswell?From conspiracy theories to misinformation campaigns this story has it all

Things settled down after the initial blip of public interested and it was not really until the late 1970s that the story of the UFO and possible recovery of aliens became popular again.

Despite the USAA’s denial, many UFO experts believe an extraterrestrial craft did crash at Roswell and the military recovered both the craft and several aliens. Some go on to cite the likes of stealth technology as fruits from the deconstruction of this craft and its advanced technology.

The Roswell UFO incident
The Roswell UFO incident sparked local press interest. Visit our Ancient Aliens page more ufology

Ozzy and Jack also check out the rather cool Petroglyphs National Monument, where you can see some fascinating designs carved into the rocks by Native Americans and early Spanish settlers.

Let’s hope they don’t get abducted, though we daresay Ozzy has been subject to a few unearthly experiences before…

The other week the pair were busy breaking NASA’s $5 million experimental rover, you can see the rather hilarious result in the clip below.

Catch Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour 10/9c PM on History.

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