It’s crash and burn on Mountain Men

Eustace Conway from Mountain Men
Eustace Conway from Mountain Men, he picks up an injury on tonight’s show

In the Crash and Burn episode of Mountain Men the action focusses on Tom, Marty and Eustace.

Eustace picks up an injury that puts him out of action and Marty sees a chance wasted. Meantime, Tom mixes it up with a snake.

If you can’t wait until tonight then check out this bonus clip from the last episode, where Morgan talks about what spring really means to a mountain man. From keeping horses fed to just surviving winter away from any help is tough for animals and people.

He says: “When spring breaks and you’ve spent months and months and months living under winter,  it really is one of the most, I guess, rejuvingating, amazing feeling of life and hope and everything else.”

Mountain Men follows some of the rugged individuals who live off the land in the American wilderness, catch it Thursdays 10/9c History.

Bonus scene from previous episode

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