Isauro Aguirre still on San Quentin death row for Gabriel Fernandez murder

Isauro Aguirre in court
Isauro Aguirre was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Gabriel Fernandez. Pic credit: Wild About Trial/YouTube

Isauro Aguirre was convicted in 2018 for the murder of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez.

Aguirre, the boyfriend of Gabriel’s mother, Pearl, was found guilty of first-degree murder with the special circumstance of intentional murder by torture. He was sentenced to death in June 2018 for the crime.

Netflix’s documentary miniseries, The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, tells the story of how Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, physically abused and tortured Gabriel.

Gabriel died on May 24, 2013, two days after Pearl called 9-1-1 to say that Gabriel had stopped breathing and was unresponsive.

Responding officers and paramedics found Gabriel lying naked and unresponsive in the bedroom on May 22.

They immediately recognized the signs of physical abuse, including bruises on his skin, broken ribs, missing teeth, a cracked skull, and BB gun pellets in his body.

Isauro later admitted that he beat Gabriel to punish him because he suspected he was gay. Isauro and Pearl called him gay because they thought he was effeminate and liked to play with girls’ toys such as dolls.

They locked him up in a narrow cabinet, beat him with metal objects, as well as a baseball bat. They also forced him to eat rotten food and cat feces.

Who is Isauro Aguirre?

Isauro Aguirre, of Palmdale in California, was 37 years old at the time of his sentencing in June 2018. He is 6-foot-2-inches tall and weighs 270 pounds.

He had worked as a caregiver and driver at Woodland Park Retirement Hotel. He also later worked as a security guard for AVL Private Security at the Vallarta Market in Palmdale.

Although Aguirre’s crime painted a picture of sadism, Susan Weisbarth, his former work supervisor at Woodland Park Retirement Hotel, described him as a nice and quiet person.

Weisbart said he was a kind caregiver who was willing to do unpleasant work, such as changing the diapers of the elderly residents of the home.

Sherline Miller, a former co-worker, also described Aguirre as kind and sensitive.

His co-workers affectionately nicknamed him Shaggy.

Aguirre is on death row in San Quentin

Aguirre received the death penalty after he was convicted of first-degree degree murder, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He was admitted to the San Quentin State Prison in June 2018, and he is currently on death row.

Pearl pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and received a life sentence without parole.

When is Isauro Aguirre’s death date?

Aguirre’s death date has not been announced.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is currently streaming on Netflix.

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