Is Toni Trucks leaving SEAL Team?

Toni Trucks. 2018 Entertainment Weekly's Pre-SAG Awards Celebration held at Chateau Marmont.
Is Lisa headed to another unit on SEAL Team? ©

After watching the latest episode of SEAL Team, many viewers are worried about whether or not Toni Trucks might be leaving the show. They have good reason to worry, as her character Lisa hinted that she was considering leaving for OCS and might not be back. Will she be leaving the Bravo team for good?

Right now, SEAL Team is in the middle of season two and the drama is high. On the latest episode, it was looking at one point like the whole team may be lost — and that wouldn’t bode well for the whole show. As the episode neared its end, it was looking like they may just lose Lisa, who teased that she was considering heading to OCS and didn’t share any plans to return to the Bravo team.

As far as a Toni Trucks’ exit from SEAL Team, it looks like fans have nothing to fear — at least for now. When investigating whether someone might be leaving a show, the first place to check is IMDb and in the case of Trucks, she has no new projects on the horizon.

More proof that Toni Trucks is not leaving SEAL Team comes from her Instagram account. On Thursday, she posted a collage of photos from a recent SEAL Team Season 2 celebration with the caption, “And while You were watching @sealteamcbs Episode 15 last night… us crazy kids were celebrating a successful #SEALTEAM Season 2!! So much MORE good stuff in store. See you next week!! -beep.”

Likewise, Toni Trucks has been posting on Twitter about her hope to return for Season 3 of SEAL Team, meaning that at least she isn’t aware of any plans to walk away from the Bravo Team at this point.

It’s safe to say that, at least for now, we can plan on seeing plenty more of Toni Trucks as Lisa on SEAL Team.

SEAL Team airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS. 

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