Is Scott Bakula leaving NCIS: New Orleans cast? Will Pride die on season finale?

Pride on NCIS: New Orleans
Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride on NCIS: NOLA Season 6. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Scott Bakula holds the NCIS: New Orleans cast together. Bakula plays Special Agent Dwayne Pride and is also the most recognizable face on the program.

During Season 5, episode 23 of the show, Pride went to war-torn South Ossetia to try to find out if a team of Americans survived an ambush. They had been there to track down the leader of Apollyon.

As a quick reminder, Apollyon is the spy network that has served as a subplot during Season 5 of the show. It is also the group responsible for murdering Pride’s father, which is why he has such a keen interest in bringing them to justice.

The cliffhanger from the May 7 episode and the May 14 episode preview (shown below) have fans worried that Pride is going to die in the season finale.

Is Scott Bakula leaving NCIS: New Orleans cast?

Several times during the run of the show, actor Scott Bakula has seen his character on the edge of death. Special Agent Dwayne Pride nearly died in the Season 4 finale when he was shot by an assassin in his home.

When Season 5 began, Pride was still close to death, but he survived. It landed Pride with a desk job and a long road back to leading the NCIS: New Orleans team. That long road doesn’t appear like it will be coming to an end soon.

As it stands, it appears that Bakula isn’t going anywhere and the great news has come from CBS that NCIS: New Orleans has been renewed for Season 6.

Will Pride die on NCIS: New Orleans season finale?

Yes, the preview and sneak peek that CBS gave for Season 5, episode 24 of NCIS: New Orleans makes it look pretty grim for Pride. He is certainly going to be in peril, especially in a foreign land with very little backup. But all signs point toward his survival.

The NCIS: New Orleans cast should see Scott Bakula back as Dwayne Pride in fall 2019. It is also expected that Lucas Black (Special Agent Christopher Lasalle), CCH Pounder (Dr. Loretta Wade), and Vanessa Ferlito (Special Agent Tammy Gregorio) will be back as well.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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