Is Paw Patrol really being canceled after 2020 protests?

Paw Patrol
Is Paw Patrol canceled? Pic credit: Nickelodeon

News broke that fans want kid’s cartoon Paw Patrol canceled. Or, at the very least, these activists want to make sure police dog Chase is removed from the show.

All of this happened due to recent videos of police brutality against minorities in America.

On the flip side, those who think that this move would be, well, going too far, have lashed out at the Cancel Culture.

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The joke is on the latter.

Is Paw Patrol canceled?

Paw Patrol is not canceled and Chase the police dog has not been fired.

This entire rumor caused no less than Senator Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump’s son Eric to lash out at Cancel Culture.

Then, Snopes immediately set out to investigate the issue. This investigative site revealed that the widespread Paw Patrol cancelation rumor is false.

The entire situation started with a joke meme in which Chase appeared in a poster with the word “Cancelled” stamped across his body.

“Nickelodeon Ends Police Brutality By Defunding Paw Patrol,” completed the poster’s message.

Paw Patrol meme
Paw Patrol meme. Pic credit: Snopes

When rumors like this start to spread across social media, a lot of intrigued users were swept up in the moment.

This is not new. After all, look at how many memes go through Facebook that are completely false, yet are shared like breaking news only to dominate vulnerable people.

This is no different.

Two shows have been canceled due to the protests following the deaths of George Floyd and so many other black individuals at the hands of police brutality.

Long-running show Cops and the new show, Live PD, have seen their shows canceled given these programs seem to glorify many of the darker moments in the life of police officers.

Other entertainment has also been effected.

HBO Max removed Gone with the Wind until the provider can create a short feature that explains the classic film’s place in history concerning racism and the depiction of racist events.

paw patrol
Pic credit: @PawPatrol/Facebook

Why did people think Paw Patrol was canceled?

Most people can see a meme divulging tongue-in-cheek comments and know these online concepts for what they are. However, many are fooled. In fact, in this case, some household names came to the wrong conclusion.

Eric Trump posted on Twitter that “the left wants to cancel Paw Patrol.” He called them “insane” without knowing the truth himself.

eric trump
Pic credit: @EricTrump/Twitter

Sadly, the president’s son was fooled by an article in the New York Times in which the writer talked about the Paw Patrol meme that has been going around social media.

The writer of the piece divulged that this specific meme was created for the sake of a joke. That said, many people simple looked at the title and made their own decisions from there about what they saw and what they read.

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