Is Mozhan Marno leaving her role as Samar on The Blacklist?

Mozhan Marno as Samar Navibi on The Blacklist
Is Mozhan Marno leaving The Blacklist? Pic credit: NBC

As we get past the halfway point of The Blacklist Season 6, viewers have been worried about the futures of a few of their favorite characters. Last week, many worried about whether or not James Spader would be returning as Red Reddington (or the faux Red anyway.) Now, this week, there are concerns about the fate of Mozhan Marno as Samar Navabi.

Those watching the latest episode of The Blacklist started to worry about Samar’s fate right at the end of the episode. Because of her brain injury, Samar’s symptoms seem to be getting worse to the point where she may have to evaluate whether she can even stay on the team or if she might need to go out on disability.

So is Mozhan Marno leaving The Blacklist?

What we know for sure is that Samar will be around next week. In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, it was already teased that she will have to weigh her options as far as whether she stays working or takes some time off.

After that, Mozhan Marno’s fate on The Blacklist is still unknown. Earlier this month, Deadline reported that James Spader has signed on for Season 7 of the NBC series. Likewise, several of the main cast members have also already been signed including Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix.

The one cast member whose fate really seems to be up in the air right now is Samar Navabi and she wasn’t mentioned as being signed on for Season 7 of The Blacklist… at least not yet.

Considering Samar’s current storyline, it is possible that details about her return are being held back in order to amp up the drama surrounding her possible exit from the team. Or, it could mean that she’s about to be written off the show. Right now, we really just don’t know.

Samar Navabi will return next week

What we do know is that Samar will be back for next week’s 2-hour special and her ability to work will be explored. It’s possible that more questions about her future on The Blacklist will be answered at that time.

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC. 

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