Is Morgan Beasley really cut out to be one of the Mountain Men?

Morgan Beasley speaking to the camera on Mountain Men
Morgan Beasley before his mishap on this week’s Mountain Men

This week’s Mountain Men sees Morgan Beasley run into trouble yet again — after he makes a mistake while navigating melting snow.

He gets some survival packages from a helicopter then has to transport it home in the sledge he pulls with his body.

But things don’t go quite to plan when he loses any sign of the trail and has to try and cross a creek.

But just as he gets the side he loses control of his sledge with all of his recently received packages, and gets pulled down into the snow face-first as the sledge — and packages — tumble into the creek.

Morgan trying to stop his sledge and packages falling into the creek
Morgan on his front in the snow as his sledge and packages head into the creek

He manages to recover some of them, but others get swept further downstream.

It comes after a string of mistakes for Morgan including slicing his leg open with an ax earlier in the season.

Earlier this season also saw things get dicey for him while he erected a house on his own.

He also took some massive risks to get supplies, navigating hit little dinghy through a rough stretch of river that he’d never ridden before.

The continued run of mishaps has led to some fans calling him a “joke”.

Another post on the show’s Facebook page joked: “What kinda drugs is Morgan cooking up there? They dumbing him down something fierce.”

Comment on Mountain Men Facebook page Comment on Mountain Men Facebook page Comment on Mountain Men Facebook page Some had more sympathy, though, and called him a “work in progress”.

Comment on Mountain Men Facebook page

What do you think?

Does Morgan have what it takes to be one of the Mountain Men? Or is his spate of blunders likely to continue?

Mountain Men airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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3 years ago

He is a mountain man. We miss him on the show.