Is Mama Medium a real medium?

Jennie Marie giving a reading on Mama Medium
Jennie Marie is the new medium on the block. Pic credit: TLC

Mama Medium is the newest addition to the supernatural world on TLC. It debuted just a few weeks ago and everyone is talking about Jennie Marie and her abilities. But, is Mama Medium a real medium?

Jennie Marie is aware of the skeptics and she pays no attention to those who believe that she is “faking” it.

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Not only is Jennie Marie a medium, but she is also an empath and a psychic.

This means that not only can she receive messages from those who have passed, Mama Medium can also see the future through premonitions. The most unique gift is that of her empathic side, where she can feeling and sense what those who are incapacitated are thinking in order to communicate with their loved ones.

There really isn’t a way to decipher whether or not Jennie Marie is a real medium or if Mama Medium is fake. It is all about what you believe and the testimony of those she has worked to help.

All of her clients have been happy on the show, which isn’t surprising. Many have wondered whether or not she is fed information prior to taping, but that has been disputed.

Jennie Marie is in good company when it comes to people wondering whether she is the real deal or just someone who is good at making people believe things. There have been comments about Theresa Caputo, who is the Long Island Medium, and some of the other more well-known names.

Unfortunately, since there is no way to actually prove any of this, you either believe or you don’t.

Mama Medium airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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